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Sunday, June 19, 2011

up-potting phyllostachys kwangsiensis seedlings

2 months ago, I moved my little kwangsiensis seedlings from small cups up to 1 gallon pots, but now that they're bigger, the pots tend to dry out very fast so I had to move them up to 5 gallon containers while the largest one to a 15 gallon pot. I usually fill 1/2 the pot with dried leaves for drainage and so I don't have to use as much soil before using my home made potting mix, which is now usually old soil that keeps getting re-used.

Here's how they looked nearly 2 months ago when I moved them to their 1 gallon pots.

Here's a picture 2 days ago showing that they are filling out their pots nicely, and since these little pots dry out so fast, they needed larger pots pretty soon.

Here's the largest one in a 15 gallon container.
 It fanned out a little bit just minutes after taking it out of the wall o water which really won't be necessary for the summer.

Here are some of the other ones that got up-potted. I moved about 1/2 of them into larger pots.

The smaller ones are allowed to stay in 1 gallon pots for another few weeks until they outgrow them.

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