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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Results of some of my bamboo divisions taken this year

It sometimes takes a bit of experience to get good divisions consistently, and success rates will vary depending on the species and other factors as well such as temperatures. Here's just some of my results.

Phyllostachys parvifolia: I took 14 divisions 6-8ft tall and potted them into 5 gallon containers. Since I took large root balls with lots of rhizome and roots on both ends, it looks like all of them made it, and I have most of them already adapted to full sun only after 4 days of division.

Here's one of the  tiny rhizome divisions taken last year that is finally shooting. It is one of the ones that hardly had any root hairs, and it's pretty impressive that it could establish itself.

I also have some of the divisions where I force whip shoots through the drainage holes of nursery pots. This usually gives me a medium or small sized division which works every time, especially with parvifolia which is quite easy to propagate.

I can also do the same with atrovaginata or any other bamboos that generate rhizomes/ whip shoots.
Sometimes I will take large 3ft sections of a rhizome and cram them into a 3-5 gallon pot which seems to work most of the time. Here's a couple successful ones with atrovaginata.
These are only 6-12 inch rhizome divisions from phyllostachys propinqua beijing, but they seem to work well since this species is an easy to propagate one.
Here are some of the moso divisions which were probably taken way to early as I lost about 1/3 of them however the survivors seem to be coming back strong.
Finally theres Bissetii divisions which don't even curl their leaves when I propagate them despite putting them in full sun right away.


  1. Hi Steve! I have been looking for cold hardy bamboo and there doesnt seem to be any nurseries around here. i am near ithaca. i would like to get decent sized plants that would not be cost effective to ship. are you selling these divisions? did you get your bamboo from a local nursery? any info would help.

  2. Hello,

    Yes, I do sell divisions locally on a normal basis. Right now I'm sold out on most species however I still have a couple field sized parvifolias, yellow grooves, bissetii, moso, and the rest are small shippable size plants.

    I am a bamboo collector and aside from the people I've sold bamboo to locally in the last couple years, I don't think there are local bamboo nurseries. I got many of my bamboos through trades on bamboo web, and initially through commercial nurseries which cost a lot.

    Just give me a call at (585) 797-4787, and we can set up a time.

  3. perfect! i would like to get some bamboo in the ground before fall........ i will be calling soon :)