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Friday, October 7, 2011

New banana plants Musa Mekong Giant( Musa itinerans) arrives and gets potted up

Since Musa Mekong Giant is considered to be as hardy as Musa Basjoo, and it also looks different with the potential to reach 40 feet in a warmer climate, and still grow at a faster rate then basjoo, I decided to try it out. This banana is characterized by very tall purple stems and more spaced out as opposed to basjoo's clumped together appearance.

As I got them, as expected, they were already perhaps 18 inch tall plants and looking pretty good. I got these off of eBay.

Since these guys are so skinny, I had to plant them up into 2 gallon pots and I'm keeping them in full sun to hope that it stays warm for at least another couple weeks to give these guys a chance to thicken up their stems, grow more roots and be ready to be planted 1 foot deep in their final planting site.I also added rooting hormones to hopefully speed up the process a little bit.

The dried leaves were peeled away in order to maximize photosynthesis as shown in this picture. It also makes them look a lot prettier.

Here's the largest one. I hope it stays warm enough for each of them to unfold 1-2 leaves before they're planted.

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