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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Maximizing the growth rate of bamboo by adding a temporary greenhouse

If you've seen my previous blog, before I used grass clippings and roofing tiles to heat up the soil temperature in order to hold in moisture as well as increase the soil temperature by 5-10F which worked well however it only works with fresh grass since it create heat through decomposition.

Now that it has cooled down and I no longer have fresh grass, I have decided to build a temporary greenhouse around the phyllostachys edulis moso bicolor in order to increase the humidity as well as air temperature around the plant especially on sunny days. With this setup, temperatures can climb up to 20F more than the outdoor temperature with the greenhouse effect so I leave the door slightly open and have waterbuckets in there to prevent overheating. I have also added more roofing tiles and loaded up the plant with dried leaves in order to help retain heat for the plant.

Here's a peak inside the setup.

I built it just high enough so that the tallest culm had enough room to stand up without getting weighed down by the greenhouse roof.

The leaves can still get enough sun, but the increased temperature during day can help promote better photosynthesis resulting in more energy production for next year's shooting season.

This quick setup greenhouse took approximately 10 minutes and is stable enough to take moderate to heavy winds but it is only meant to be a temporary structure which will be taken down once temperatures threaten to drop into single digits outside as it will be replaced by a tarp. Here's the outside view.

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