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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some of the new plants I am starting indoors over winter

I'm all about propagation and growing plants from seeds especially during the winter when not much is happening.

Starting with my asian pear seedlings(pyrus pyrofolia) , I started with 10 seeds from a single fruit and scarified them in hot tap water twice, then planted them in a pot, and so far 3 of them have sprouted. I'm hoping for more to follow. They are supposed to require a 90 day dormancy, but they seem to be working fine without it.

I moved 2 of them into full sun in their own pots by a south facing window where after 2 days, they already look more vigorous.



I received many fargesia murielae clumping bamboo seeds which I planted over the winter and they are growing very slowly, but look healthy. Here are 3 of them form 12 December 2011 to 1 February 2012, so this is the difference of about 6 weeks.

Another plant I'm working on germinating is the white pitcher plant sarracenia leucophylla. I have one already which I grew 2 years ago which was the lone survivor out of a batch of 200 seeds, and this time around I'm struggling to get these to grow as they are very picky about soil dampness, temperature and are especially prone to getting killed by fungus gnat larvae since they are so small and tender.  I use yellow sticky pads, and physically kill off the larvae sometimes to try and get some of these to survive. There are also some blueberry seeds in the same rack which happen to not be germinating after 6 weeks maybe because they were bad seeds.

 Moving on to some running bamboos.

Here's a phyllostachys parvifolia rhizome run into a pot and the connection was lopped so I could have a rhizome division without giving it root shock. I expect it to shoot in 1-2 weeks.

This is the moso division that is now sitting next to it, and this is my weakest division with only a couple branches at the top and it has been barely hanging onto life since it was divided back in June, but after 3 days indoors, leaf growth seems to have started so I might see a survival shoot in a few weeks.

Here's a phyllostachys vivax aureocaulus division which I took inside back in fall, and it successfully produced 1 shoot and leafed out well enough for me to put it back outside under a tarp for the remainder of winter so vernalization can occur. Hopefully it will have enough of a dormancy to produce a larger shoot next spring. Here's the recorded progress.


  1. It looks like you're doing really well with your seed growing and propagation. The Fargesia seedling will take awhile to bulk up but after a year or two the growth rate speeds up :)

    1. If it were moso seedlings growing under the same exact conditions, they would have outgrown their cups by now, but these fargesias are definitely taking their time which I don't mind since there are still around 3 months until I plan on bringing them outside to plant into 1 gallon pots.

      I seem to have an easier time with larger more hardy seedlings that are not susceptible to damage by fungus gnat larvae.

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