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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rise and fall of the yucca plant time lapse

This is the first time one of my yucca plants has ever flowered and here's a 40 day time lapse of the flower stalk from May 21st until June 30th. I hope the main plant survives the flowering to keep growing, but I'm not too worried since there are 2 little offsets coming off on either side.

21 May

23 May; Getting longer

24 May; Turning the other direction to follow the sun

27 May; Starting to show flower buds

2 June; Starting to branch out

7 June; Really branching out

8 June; Opening the first flowers

12 June; Opening most of the flowers

17 June; Showing the first signs of wilt

25 June; Wilting a lot, opening the last flowers and making the first seed pods

30 June; Focusing only on seed pod production

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