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Monday, February 18, 2013

Some tree peonies waking up very early in 2013

This year some of my tree peonies, mainly the ones that sprouted last year are waking up very early, even earlier than they did last year so I hope they know what they are doing. I do have a few set to sprout this year which are coming up early however those are not nearly as developed as these.

These are mainly Chinese tree peony seedlings. 

I have a couple of them sprouting indoors, but it seems like with the temperatures getting no lower than the mid 50s in the cool room, they do not appear to have nearly the vigor as the ones outdoors. The new one is already leafed out, but the older one is still just getting started.

Here's an older tree peony for comparison. This happens to be the Japanese Kinshi variety which really hasn't started waking up that much yet as we really haven't had much warm weather yet this year.


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    1. The soil temperature hovered around freezing (32F) in the past 2 weeks so basically anything above freezing will set these guys off. I expect to see them really get going in March, and reach full size some time in April.