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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Taking down the greenhouse for spring 2013

This year, spring came kind of late, but this weekend, it is finally in the 60s with a forecast that looks OK. I decided to take off the greenhouse that has been up since 23 September of last year. These plants have been under a greenhouse for 6 1/2 months, but they are still looking pretty good. I keep mostly bamboos in this thing.

It took about an hour to move all the stuff out and clean up the area.

The greenhouse was destroyed under the weight of the snow last winter, but that didn't seem to faze the plants. Since there were 4 (55 gallon drums), a shorter greenhouse insulated even better.

I could probably use the same metal pipes to set up the greenhouse again, but it would take less time build a more durable frame than try to re-inforce these skinny hollow pipes.

After I removed all the pipes and pots away, I left the barrels in place, and attached the reflector so my plyllostachys edulis "moso" bicolor can capture more light which is very meaningful as we are getting longer daylight hours. This is just an attempt to maximize the photosynthesis.

I added a nice layer of horse manure and gave it a good watering so the roots can really get going.

This whip shoots was around last fall and survived through the winter being inside the greenhouse. It should activate or abort in about a month depending on the weather.

Here is a view of the whole area which used to be the greenhouse before I cleaned it up completely.

The main prominens division looks very healthy. 

Another prominens is looking stressed, but it may recover with warmer temperatures, and natural outdoor conditions.

Fargesia robusta shot while it was inside the greenhouse, but it should shoot again some time this year as this shoot already looks like it has reached full height.

One of my vivas huangwenzhu inversas is looking pretty good while the other one died likely due to not enough rhizome mass.

The only thing that looks very sad is the bambusa ventricosas. the lowest it got in the greenhouse last winter was 17-18F which is too cold for tropicals, but they may bounce back.


  1. Hello, Please help :)
    I have a pachira aquatica in my office that I have been caring for since I started here back in august 2012 and it has grown 2 feet taller than it has been for the last 3 years(my co workers said it stayed at that one height till i started to care for it) but now it is getting to tall for the office and I want to make another plant out of the top portion since its tall and only has three off shoots with beautiful leaves on each shoot. I want to know if I cut the main root from the top of the bushy part of the tree with the new growth on it and plant it in a pot, will it grow of just die. I don't want to hurt the plant since I know care a lot about its well being :) Please help! And I can take pictures of it if necessary so you can tell me if I can even propagate it at all or where a good spot would be to cut it if its not to much trouble :)
    Thank you!

    1. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but I would actually like to see a picture of it.

      My money trees are already getting right back to 2-3ft despite getting split up because they stretch out so fast through the winter. Once they get too tall, I plan on bringing them out in May, and chopping some sections off to make some more.

      They take about 2 weeks to root with a good rooting hormone, and ideal conditions.