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Monday, May 5, 2014

Tree peonies finally making some good growth for 2014

Ever since May, it looks like most of the tree peonies have started to take off, and many of them have flower buds which should start blooming in about 3 weeks.

Some of the Japanese tree peonies with flower buds. They tend to make their vertical growth very quickly, and then leaves increase in size afterwards.

Some of them that are not as vigorous with much fewer leaves can still flower

The tree peony seedlings still aren't flowering yet, but the big one should start next year because it is bigger than some of the smaller Japanese tree peonies that are flowering.

The Kinshi in the background by the pot is probably the slowest species, but even though it's no taller than this seedling now, it will likely turn out becoming my largest tree peony because it has been in the ground for 4 years already.

This tree peony seedling looks like it needs a boost of nitrogen soon.

The itoh peonies are much slower than the tree peonies, but they should end up getting up to at least the same size if not bigger. They are still red which means that they are just getting started.


  1. Love your posts about tree peonies. You must have a HUGE garden! (They are the potato chips of the plant can't stop at one.) Interested in corresponding, maybe trade seeds in the fall if all goes well. I have an unnamed pink, Phoenix white, Renkaka (young), Yao Huang, Xiang Yu, a couple Tibetan tree peonies, and maybe two that I remember right now because they haven't bloomed yet. I think one is Kamatanishiki from Tree Peony Garden, but I can't think of the other.

  2. Hi I love your posts. Any update on the tree peonies? I'd love to know how they are doing. Thank you.

    1. This year, I'm getting hundreds of flower buds on many of the larger in ground ones that have been in since 2012. Some are producing over a dozen flowers this year. Here's an example of one of the larger ones.

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  4. Just came across your blog,and I'm enjoying it. Can peonies be grown in tropical climates,like Nigeria?