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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

some of my garden harvests

Here's just a few pictures of some of the vegetables I grow in my garden. I grow varieties of vegetables than just this, but this is just a picture overview of the the garden. It really doesn't take a green thumb to create huge harvests. I simply prepare my gardening beds very well with manure, compost, and use aerated compost tea up until around August. Then I just leave the sprinklers on since watering is probably the most important part to getting good harvests. There's no need to buy vegetables when you can grow your own.I'm actually not the one that does the harvesting. I just enjoy growing plants and watching them grow.


Luffa sponge gourd

leafy greens bok choy
more greens
Cherry tomatoes

beef steak large tomatoes
onions or scallions

Garlic, sprouted by itself

Actinada arguta issai hardy kiwi: These are branch cuttings that I rooted with my juicy roots cloning gel to create a new plant which has filled out it's 1 gallon pot, and is ready to be planted soon.


Cayenne mild pepper

Pequin hot peppers

Bhut jolokia super hot ghost peppers: I've gotten hundreds of ripe peppers off of these ghost peppers as they've been producing since July and seem to be one of the most productive varieties which is pretty cool considering that it is one of the hottest peppers in the world.

String beans

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