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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Late season plants; Plants that can keep growing well into december.

From October through March, almost everything stops growing in this climate, but this year, it has been a very warm fall, and perhaps a mild winter will follow, but it is already well into december and there are still many plants growing. It hardly gets below freezing and on some years, there is already a foot of snow on the ground so hopefully this pattern continues.

Here's some of the alliums. None of the garlic cloves seem to be turning into rounds yet which means they are not dormant yet because the soil temperature is still lingering around 50F.
Garlic: I grew several batches over a couple months so many of these will vary in size.

This one is grown in the middle of nowhere.

Here's an unknown flower, still making new growth.

Succulents: Here are some sempervivums which seem to continue growing as long as the soil temperature is above freezing, and might even prefer cooler temperatures because it typically keeps the soil moist.
Sedum Angelina

Blueberry flower bud already swelling up.

Mustard plant. I'm surprised that these aren't wilting by now.
Ensete maurelii. This stays outside as long as it doesn't get below freezing outside and seems to stay short and strong as long as it still gets full sun once in a while. On warmer winters, day time highs can average close to 50F which means that houseplants can be taken out on sunny days over the winter so they don't etoliate and get weaker by spring.

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