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Saturday, December 24, 2011

First snow of winter

It's been a very warm fall and early winter so far, but we did get some snow that stuck for a few hours so I got some pictures in while I could. I don't expect winter to be very harsh this year. There's nothing exciting at this time of the year in the garden, but there shouldn't be much happening all throughout winter until around March when the earliest plants start flowering.

Snow finally sticking to the grass

Tree peony


Sempervivum; These guys are completely hardy to the cold

Kiwi vine

Garlic; These guys seem to be completely immune to the cold as they can get frozen solid through the winter, and come out fresh by March when the snow melts for good. the permanent snow might not even be there this winter. They will start their spring growth as early as the first week of March if the snow is not there.


Bamboos/ bamboos under tarps

Ice sculptures; I think this happened when water drained away while parts of the soil were starting to freeze.

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