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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Uncovering the bamboos for spring

Since it is already warm enough with little to no threat of sub zero temperatures left in the forecast, I decided to remove most of the tarps from my bamboos so they can get some sun, and ensure that they don't heat up under the tarps to make shoots too early. They came out of their tarps looking great. The only leaf burn that happened was to the unprotected portions, and that is still very insignificant as our winter low only got down to 0.4F(-17C) which is not enough to cause that much leaf burn on the hardiest species, as long as it is a short exposure.

There was nearly a foot of snow which is nearly gone now after 2 days, and temperatures are lingering above freezing day and night around 30-45F since the warm winter continues and here are some of the pictures.

Phyllostachys dulcis

Phyllostachys aureosulcata (yellow groove)

Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis

Phyllostachys Nigra

Phyllostachys propinqua beijing

Phyllostachys Parvifolia

Phyllostachys decora

Phyllostachys bissetii

Phyllostachys atrovaginata

View of several groves


  1. Steve, thanks for your exciting blog. It's encouraging.

    I am a beginner playing with some bamboo, for a couple of years now, in eastern Mass.
    Henon bamboo did not survive 2011 winter, with no protection.
    Bisetti culms broke, and new ones are smaller than original pot. Yours does not look too good also.
    Managed to seed Moso (at least according to Amazon seller) which is developing nicely indoors (~2 feet).
    Fargesia pot brought indoor for winter.
    Another unidentified bamboo (Golden Lady?) brought indoors for winter and since end of January grew a wonderful 6 feet culm.

    I will bring them out in March.

  2. I plan on untarping everything this weekend. Bissetii does tend to stay smaller and I only placed a few logs on top of that one so it has some burned leaves.

    Moso should be pretty easy to grow especially once they get put into the ground. If you are anywhere south of me, they should almost already be fine to bring outdoors already.

  3. Living in a protected gully on the sunny side of the Genesee Valley in western NY, Yellow Culm bamboo is doing well here. This year P Decora is on order for another sheltered spot. Rhyzomes of P Nigra are also on order for a trial in a large pot.

    1. They are fun to grow when you have a lot of wide open space to grow your plants. I'm also in western NY. As far as Decora, that has about average hardiness, but P Nigra is prone to leaf damage when it gets into the single digits.

      I'm actually getting rid of my aureousulcata(yellow groove) and eventually the bissetii so if you are close enough, you can come and dig them out beforehand.

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