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Friday, March 23, 2012

Asian pear seedling at different stages of development

Just doing a quick blog on some asian pear (pyrus pyrofolia seedlings).

New seedlings

2 week old seedling

1 year old seedling

3 year old seedling


  1. Very nice! I just planted 6 Asian Pear seeds and one had sprouted only a day later! It's pretty exciting! Thanks for sharing!

    1. They do take a while to get to size, but I have 3 of them over 6ft tall now so I may get fruits next year. A tree that gets up in size really quickly is a peach tree because I started some from seed this year which are already at 3ft tall with a lot of growing left in them for the season.

    2. Let us know what happened since then. Are you getting flowers this year? Did you last year?

    3. They aren't flowering yet this year maybe because I've been working on pruning them for shape, but the oldest one looks like it should flower next year. Here's my lastest picture of them producing new leaves.

      The 2 closest to the cameras are the 2 oldest ones.

  2. Hello Steve, I've managed to start 3 Asian Pear seedlings. I was wondering if you ever had issues with bugs eating the leaves, and if so, how did you protect them while ensuring they had adequate sun exposure (which I'm assuming they need a lot of)? I'm at the two week stage. I was very distressed to find one of my leaves half eaten by a bug the other day and have taken them inside but my windows don't get much sun.

    1. I think it's pretty easy to protect small seedlings with wilt-pruf which pretty much stops bugs from eating any small plants.

      You might have those Japanese beetles chewing up your trees eh. It might be good to eat some more Asian pears and germinate some more seeds just for insurance.

      I currently have 3 decent sized trees going, a couple which may fruit next year, but whenever you eat the fruits, it only takes a couple minutes to extract some seeds to germinate some more so you have more to play with.

      Good luck growing.