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Friday, March 23, 2012

Update on the tree peonies

After 2 weeks of very warm weather with highs usually in the lower 70s and lows around 50, all the peonies have really taken off like crazy. It is only 16 days after my initial blog on peonies and some of them have gone from barely poking out to being well leafed out. Here's the link to the peony blog from 16 days ago to show the huge difference.

Starting with the tree peony seedlings, most of them are almost fully grown now. They might need protection if we get a late freeze.

Here are a couple of the 2nd year tree peony seedlings. One of them looks clearly stronger than the rest because it was never transplanted from the time it was planted.

 Moving on to some of the grafts. This is 1 year older than the rest and the only one with a flower bud.
This one appears to be a lot slower than the rest, but should still activate in the next couple weeks.

Here's my newly acquired Itoh or intersectional peony which appears to be doing great so far.

Finally, here are the herbeceous peonies


  1. Good luck with them, and fingers crossed for no late frosts!

    1. A few of them were killed by freezes in the mid 20s last week, but most of the seedlings did survive, and are going strong now. All the leaves are also noticeably bigger. Once they make some more progress, I'll make an update on them.

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