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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Signs of spring part 2012, still in winter

With day time highs in the 70s and lows lingering around 50 in the last few days and for at least another week, it is basically May weather up here. I just hope it stays warm so all these plants that are sprouting don't get killed. I can expect a lot of these plants to bloom before April as it almost feels like summer by now.

Musa basjoo banana: Over 2 feet of the psuedostem survived on these guys and all of them seem to be doing great. Let's hope we don't get a late freeze, but spring emerging leaves on basjoo are semi-hardy.

Itoh, Intersectional peony: I just bought this clump on eBay. I hope it performs well for me.

Tree peonies: I'll keep on posting more pictures of these as they develop

Crocus blooms




Liliums: all kinds

Soft neck garlic

Wild Garlic

ground cover sedum


Sempervivum hens and chicks

Blueberry plant


  1. It's always exciting to see new growth in the spring!

  2. My indoor banana is putting out leaves now, the last leaf took a week and a half to fully open. The outdoor ones are still solid and alive, but not pushing out new growth yet. Maybe in a few of days...

    1. If they are solid, they should be pushing new leaves very soon. The one in this picture nearly has it's first leaf completely out now, but the one next to it is just getting started.

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