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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thornless raspberry growth progression

2 months ago, I purchased 5 bare root thornless raspberry plants, and they have really taken off over a 2 month span. Since they are starting to fill out their pots, I have had to start planting them in the ground. This blog shows their growth progression over about 2 months. The sprouts that emerge this year should bear fruit the following year so I need to get them in the ground to make sure they have plenty of room to spread and make new shoots.

10 April

15 April

30 April: Starting to turn green as water absorption crystals are added

13 May: The one on the bottom left is an ever bearing species that does have thorns, and it seems to grow considerable slower than the thornless ones.

21 May: A little bit taller, and much darker

2 June: These guys have now really filled in and their roots are starting to come out of the drainage holes which means that they need to be planted in the ground.

I planted 4 of  them around my pear trees since they raspberries typically don't grow much more than 4-5ft tall which is not tall enough to shade out the pear trees once these guys filled in.  The rest of them are still a bit smaller and will do fine in their pots for a few more weeks. I also sprayed these plants down heavily with deer repellant to ensure that they can get nice and big so deer browsing won't destroy them. 

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