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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update on the itoh peonies

It has been 2 weeks since I received my 5 large itoh peony tubers which can be found on this link.

After dividing all of these guys into several pieces, they have since started to sprout leaves. It's not shown in these pictures, but after inspecting one of these pieces, they definitely have root growth starting as I've been watering them with clonex, willow tea, and really pampering them. They should start producing their own tuberous roots once the leaves are done growing.

One thing that I've noticed is that the larger pieces tend to be producing larger shoots which means that the size of the tuber matters a lot. They all still have plenty of growth left in them. These plants were recently watered with worm tea so the residue is still left on them.

Scarlet Heaven

Here's an eye that was broken off the Scarlet Heaven which is still sprouting leaves and rooting regardless of having no tubers attached to it. This means that they are very easy to propagate when they are dormant.

Lemon Dream

Cora Louise

Canary Brilliants

Old Rose

Here's all of them 1 day later. Their day to day growth is noticeable at this point.

Here's all of them 1 week later. They should still have plenty of growth left based on how soft the leaves are.

Here are some of the itoh peonies that I have purchased before these, and they have fully grown leaves. These should already be forming tuberous roots to fill out their pots before going into the ground.


Singing in the Rain

Keiko: This one has already flowered this year, but it was an expensive purchase from the gardening center, which is currently in its 15 gallon container. I hope the little plants I have in the pictures above can get to this size in 1 season.

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