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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Update on the sempervivums

Sempervivums usually reach their full size by around July, and start flowering over the summer if they are mature enough. So far, most of them have produced many offsets. Here's the latest blog from 5 weeks ago.

One way I have figured out how to prevent people from stepping on them or deer from eating them is to place rocks around these plants.

This is a very unusual one as it split itself into 9 large offsets instead of simply producing them.

Here's the most prolific species which all started from 1 small offset from last spring. I separated the offsets from last year and it is producing another set of 8 this year.

This one was also from last spring, and it is finally producing 4 large offsets this year.

Here's another very prolific species which is producing 6 more offsets after producing many of them from last year.

Cobweb species from last spring.

Here's my original species which is fairly prolific, but most importantly produces huge plants.

Here's a similar species.

Here's the last type from last year which only produced 1 offset last year, but it looks like more will be produced this year.

The following sempervivums were acquired last fall, and some of them are still producing offsets like crazy. It seems like their rate of proliferation really depends on the species.

This species is very prolific, and these offsets will need to be picked off and planted further away from the mother plant once they get big enough.

This one is pretty prolific too.

This appears to be a dwarf cobweb species

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