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Monday, May 14, 2012

Bamboo shooting season 2012

It is the middle if May (mothers day), and my bamboos are finally starting to get going. Most of them have started shooting, but the best is always going to be last. At least most of my bamboos are putting on an upsize of some sort

Phyllostachys parvifolia: There are many shoots that are just barely out so I still can't determine their diameter yet since they can still gain a lot of diameter when they are just barely out of the ground. This one looks like it should get over 1 inch.

I realize that parvifolia needs as much energy as possible so I've been watering it, and tieing the bamboo apart to get more sunlight.

Here's the phyllostachys propinqua beijing which is also just barely out.

Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis: This one is showing the best performance so far, nearly doubling it's shoot diameter form last year.

The aureosucata yellow groove rhizome is putting out similar sized shoots.

Here's the bissetii trying to come back.

The phyllostachys nigra is doing exceptionally well this year with a pretty good upsize.

Phyllostachys Dulcis is not doing nearly as well as all the shoots are oncentrated in the same spot, and there appears to be no upsize at all.

Phyllostachys kwangsiensis, no apparant upsize

moso seedling
moso division

Fargesia rufa divison
fargesia rufa, slight upsize

Phyllostachys nigra henon

Fargesia denudata


  1. Hi Steve,
    have you ever tried one of the Fargesia jiuzhaigous in yout region. It is one of my hadiest bamboos. Here in Hamburg it withstood unprotected -4 degrees Fahrenheit without damages last winter.
    Greetings, Torsten

    1. The closest type I have to that is fargesia nitida which is also super hardy. I have never tried any of the jiuzhaigous types yet.

    2. The nitida should have the same hardiness as the jiuzhaigou. They are not very spectacular and in winter they look a bit shabby, bur it is nice to have a bamboo in spring with green leaves...

    3. I would consider getting it, but I think I'm pretty satisfied as far as the number of bamboos in my garden. If somebody offered it for free, I would definitely take it, but not that many people have jiuzhaiguos in the U.S. I'm more focused on expanding my collection of tree peonies at this point.

  2. Steve,

    I'd like to plant both Bamboo and Banana in my Lakewood, NJ garden. Zone 6. Which types do you recommend? Which has the most likelihood of surviving our winters?
    Can you email me at


  3. I would recommend musa basjoo for bananas. As far as bamboos, the best ones you can probably grow would probably be atrovaginata, prominens, parvifolia, propinqua beijing, and most of the cold hardy fargesias.