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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Update on the actinada arguta issai kiwi plants

Back in spring of last year, I purchased 3 tiny kiwi plants from eBay. The species was actinada arguta issai which is known to be a self pollinating species. I've also found that this type propagates very easily from cuttings.

They came in tiny 2 inch pots, and were approximately 5 inches tall. Here's how they looked when I purchased them.

After 2 months of growing, they got up to 2ft tall climbing their bamboo stalks

I ended up temporarily sticking them in my garden beds, and took a cuttings off for somebody that wanted some.

Here are 2 of the divisions from cuttings taken off of them.

They sprouted shoots this spring multiple times, burning back twice due to late freezes, but here on April 21st, they are finally coming out strong. The new leaves seem to be very prone to frost burn, but they also seem to have an endless capacity to keep producing new leaf buds.

1 month later on May 21st , they are nicely leafed out, getting some competition from the weeds, but I can pull them back any time they get in the way. They look big enough to set fruit in another year.


  1. I had wanted to start my hardy kiwi last spring g but didn't have my trellises ready. Do you think I can plant for fall or would I be better off waiting for spring?

    1. I think you can plant them in the fall because they are cold hardy. They are however not very drought tolerant since all my vines dried up over the drought we had over June/ July, but hopefully they will recover.