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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sedum succulent garden hardy succulents update with many new species

Here's the link to my sedum blog from 1 year ago.

This year I have manually started to start spreading my sedums out, and actually cutting back on the original one since it keeps expanding. They are very hardy so zone 6a winters are usually never a problem especially since they grow so low to the ground and get covered by the snow. All of them made it through the winter except the Angelina, but I have re-acquired that species so it's OK.

Here's the original sedum that I started out with.
Sedum Sarmentosum

These were acquired in a trade last spring
Sedum Sexangulare

Sedum reflexum blue spruce

 Sedum spurium 'Tricolor'

All 14 of these were acquired this year and potted up in 1 gallon nursery containers to help them establish before putting them all over the place. Some of these grow a little taller. Many of them also look pretty similar.

Sedum Carmen

Sedum Spurium Dragon's Blood

 Sedum Blue Carpet

Sedum Spurium from Turkey: This seems to be the fastest growing sedum I've had so far

Sedum Rupestre Sea Green

Sedum Jelly Bean

Sedum Carl

Sedum Aizoon

Sedum Neon

Sedum Matrona

Sedum Jaws

Sedum Joyce Henderson

Sedum Weihenstephaner Gold

Sedum Angelina

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