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Friday, May 4, 2012

Sempervivums hens and chicks waking up

Last spring, I added many sempervivum cuttings to my collection. Only a few of them produced their own offsets, but this year, it looks like every species may start producing them. They usually start growing by around April, and now they are almost full size. This year, the new ones are about twice the size they were last year so there's a good chance that some of flowering.

Here's the original giant sempervivum that can get 9 inches in diameter when there is enough growing room, and partial shade.

Many of them only produced 1 offset last year since they were still very small, but I'm expecting many more this year. They really show their true colors at this time of the year.

Some of them send off very large chicks, and may even abandon the main plant in order to reproduce.

Some species, especially the smaller cobweb types will produce a lot of smaller offsets all at once.
Sometimes the ones that are producing offsets have already produced many of them last year however they were transplanted a little bit further away from the hen so there is more growing room when they send chicks.

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