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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dividing pachira aquatica money tree from cuttings

Last year, I succeeded in dividing one of my money trees into a few large 1ft long sections. All the divisions seemed to thrive and rooted out with ease. This was done in partial shade, but I'm trying them in full sun this time around since it might get them more growth this year.

I had two 5 gallon sized trees which I took outside by the beginning of March. I've found that they can handle a few degrees below freezing without leaf burn, but took them back indoors every time it got below 30F. The goal was to get them accustomed to outdoor conditions so they are ready to propagate. Here's how one of them looked.

I got 14 divisions off of these 2 plants which are all 4-9 inches in length. Here's a picture of them all together. Each one of these were coated with Juicy roots cloning gel before going into the soil to help encourage root growth. They were clean cut with a lopper at slight angles to help in water absorption.

I cut off the leaves and stuck them in a pot as well as they are known to propagate from leaves. These are less likely to succeed so I stuck them in the same pot as the others, and they'll only get their own pots when I know they are rooted.

Here are a few close ups of some of these divisions. They younger sections are usually faster in producing new leaves than the older fatter sections. These guys will keep on growing their new leaves almost right away while the older sections without buds can sometimes take over a month, but the important thing is to keep the soil moist, and they should be very easy to propagate.

Here is one of the original trunks. This may be the last to sprout new leaves, but it will also end up with the strongest growth since it already has a well established root system, and the most energy stored.

Here's the link to the updated blog.


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    1. Here's a more recent picture showing some results.

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    1. Thanks. Those are pretty easy to take as they have stem cells already through the bark.

  3. I divided my money tree yesterday. Hoping for multiple plants so I can share them. Your blog is very helpful. Thank you