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Sunday, May 1, 2011

sempervivum hens and chicks succulent cold hardy plant

Here are some of the hens and chicks, sempervivum collection I started this year. These are cold hardy down to zone 3-4 and grow almost everywhere, and I'm trying to build a nice collection of them. I bought most of these from SMG squaw mountain gardens succulents, and also recently gained a few more species. Once these guys produce their own chicks and proliferate, I am definitely interested in more trades to have more species.

Some of them look pretty similar, but I took pictures of most of them trying to avoid repeats.

These are the first ones to start producing chicks which after about a month will set their own roots in their ground and form new plants. 

Here's the rest of them. Some are above the 2 inch mark already, starting from quarter sized plants.

The following 5 species were acquired in a recent trade.

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