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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update on the Bananas and gunneras

Since the weather is finally becoming pleasant, I would like to give some updates on the bananas and gunneras. Corm plants tend to respond to heat very well.

Here's my bigger musa basjoo after a week of removing the winter protection.

Here's the change after approximately a month. I have added the wall o water protectors to speed up the growth.

Here's the musa basjoo that got killed to the ground, and it's finally starting to look like a banana again, but due to the extra damage, it gave the pups a chance to grow larger in comparison to the main stem.

6 weeks ago:

4 weeks ago:

Some of the other bananas.

Here's my 3rd musa basjoo which was in the greenhouse and the main stem died off, but pups are coming up fast.

Musa Sikkimus Manipur "Red Tiger"

Ensete Glaucum Snow banana

Ensete Mauralii

My gunneras have also grown pretty quick since I had the wall o waters on them for a couple weeks. They basically outgrew them, and I had to take them off so the leaves wouldn't have to struggle for light.

before: (about 2 weeks ago)



  1. I've always wanted to try gunneras. Are they realatively easy to grow? How are the thorns?

  2. They are pretty easy to grow as long as you have an area that doesn't get dry since they prefer a bog environment. Also if you are zone 7 or below, they require some winter protection. If you live in a dry climate, planting them on a concave, or near a pond, and making sure they are well mulched can help them thrive.

    Also, make sure you plant it in an open area because they keep getting a bit larger each year, and I take divisions off the mother plant every spring.