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Monday, May 9, 2011

Update on bamboo shoots May 9th

Just an update on the boo shoots. Let's start with the big moso. It is clearly showing mature characteristics with the brown furry sheaths, and dark spots. They look a lot different from that of last year. So far the moso has probably been the most rewarding however the most cold hardy, and biggest boos still need to shoot, and that should happen once we get a warm rain.

Here are some of the juvenile moso which were mostly started from seed last spring. Most of them are recovering well regardless of top kill. 

Here's a moso that was planted straight in the ground completely neglected and unprotected over winter which completely top-killed, but still looks to recover. 

Here's a heteroclada which was potted and in a protective tarp over winter which is shooting well this year.

Here's an unprotected, neglected one that's still coming back strong, and didn't seem to top-kill too badly over winter. 

Vivax rhizome division starting to make a nice fat shoot
P Nigra putting on a nice colorful shoot. More are on the way.
Aureosulcata spectabilis rhizome division starting to make shoots
P Nuda making a few shoots, but still about the same size as last year.
P kwangsiensis making some new shoots. These seedlings should easily fill in their 1 gallon pots by the end of the season.
P Rubromarginata

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